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Whatever outdoor activities occupy your time, Sport4me can help you map, monitor and share your activities.
Whether you run, cycle or walk a regular route, map it... and reuse it
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Use our simple mapping tools to create your all your routes.
You can use timing points and reuse parts of your routes too! See more routes from other users.
Whatever activities you do, it's got to be fun... so record your training and see out how you improve.
Discover what other people do! Find activities local to you... and around the world.
To help get motivated, challenge yourself to get active and challenge others to a virtual race!
(Shhh! You don't even have to be that good to win, but it's fun and it gives you the incentive to get active!)
We'll track everything you do and tell you how you're doing every step of the way.
Use our training log/activity monitor.
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  bigfoot (6 months ago) 4.80m (7.98mph)
  bigfoot (7 months ago) 4.80m (7.57mph)
  dx (7 months ago) 18.35m (5.79mph)
  bigfoot (8 months ago) 4.80m (6.93mph)
  bigfoot (9 months ago) 2.99m (8.19mph)
  bigfoot (9 months ago) 2.99m (8.23mph)
  bigfoot (9 months ago) 2.99m (7.89mph)
  bigfoot (10 months ago) 6.26m (7.96mph)
  bigfoot (10 months ago) 6.26m (8.00mph)
  bigfoot (10 months ago) 6.26m (8.05mph)
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Chal #113
4 years ago
Avg: 10.5 mi
2. dx
Chal #111
5 years ago
Avg: 9.5 mi
1. dx
Chal #110
7 years ago
Avg: 6.5 mi
1. dx
3. jessie
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Route by: dx
A 24 mi route from home around Abingdon
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